Surface treatment with metallization or spray paint

- We have specialized in several types of surface treatment

We at DOF Frederikshavn ApS have specialized in several types of surface treatment, and this is especially for our customers in North Jutland, including Aalborg and our own home city.

Surface treatment takes place in our sandblasting and painting halls, but we also have a mobile department. Awards Fire paint extends the collapse time on steel Our surface treatment extends the collapse time of bearing steel structures according to the fire technology requirements, both indoors and outdoors. We would like to do a non-binding calculation on layer thickness and collapse time. Awards Metallization is a hard-wearing surface treatment Metallization is a particularly hard-wearing form of surface treatment applied after sandblasting. Metallization can be done with pure zinc, pure aluminum or a blend of zinc and aluminum.

However, this form of treatment can not be left alone, but must be part of a subsequent paint system. Metallization is used in other words if you want extreme durability.

Tankcoating as treatment of thought

We have performed surface treatment of many thousand m² rainwater tanks, which means overflow tanks for rainwater. The treatment ensures that the concrete tanks do not disappear over the years. Awards We have also performed surface treatment of many thousands of RWS tanks, which means fishing tanks on ships. We have worked on both Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Scottish vessels. A good treatment ensures a higher settlement price per. Kg. Awards Feel free to contact us to learn more about our treatments and for a non-binding offer. You can call us on phone 98 42 38 78 or you can write to, for further details.

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​DOF has branches in Frederikshavn and mobile department with broadcast point from Frederikshavn. We have paint and sandblast halls for both large and small items. Get an exclusive offer:

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​DOF is a surface treatment company.

We have sandblasting and painting halls on each 25 x 30 m and 11 m height, which can be heated to 30 ° all year round.

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