​Composite coating - DOF prolongs durability

- serviced by our specially trained occupants

Our specially trained coating staff has the necessary knowledge and experience in application with 2-component mixing equipment.

Tests at The Danish Technological Institute has shown that Chesterton composite coating gives a tensile strenght 700% higher than an ordinary good epoxy coating.

Chesterton composite coating gives very huge savings compared to new investments.

We have got references within:

The ship building industry, the navy, the engine industry, the windmill industry, the paper industry.


DOF Frederikshavn ApS

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9900 Frederikshavn

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​Phone.: +45 98 42 38 78

E-mail: frh@dofdanmark.dk

​DOF has branches in Frederikshavn and mobile department with broadcast point from Frederikshavn. We have paint and sandblast halls for both large and small items. Get an exclusive offer:

Nogle felter er ikke udfyldt korrekt

​DOF is a surface treatment company.

We have sandblasting and painting halls on each 25 x 30 m and 11 m height, which can be heated to 30 ° all year round.

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