Drying is more effective than water and sand

- dry ice blasting removes coatings such as oil, grease and paint

Dry blowing is a blowing method using dry ice instead of traditional blowing agents such as water and sand. Dry blow removal removes coatings such as oil, grease, paint, glue, soda and coke.

The advantage of dry ice blowing is that you can blow directly on running items such as electrical installations and other machines without a shutdown. In addition, there is much less clean-up and safety hazard in dry ice than in other types of blow-outs such as sandblasting or high-pressure cleaning.

Awards Cleaning with dry ice blasting is not abrasive and live

Tøris is carbon dioxide in solid form as a pill, and dry ice has a temperature of -79 ° C at atmospheric pressure. This means that dry ice must be handled very carefully, but dry ice blowing is odorless, non-toxic and non-combustible. In other words, it is a dry and non-current method, and therefore the method can be used on electric motors, electrical circuits and other water-sensitive equipment.

​Dry blowing is also not abrasive and therefore cleaning can be done on all types of surfaces without any impact on it. This means that purging of plexiglas and high gloss polished aluminum does not make surface food.

It is also an environmentally friendly cleaning method because no chemicals are used.

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